A Few Nice Days…

The last month in London seems to have been one or two sunny days then cloudy and rain for a few days. I have spent the last few weeks working frantically on jobs that need doing in the garden when it is nice and then catching up with my work while it is raining. Saturday had been sunny in parts but then torrential rain for an hour or two but yesterday was sunny all day. I managed to get a few jobs finished I had been meaning to do for a while which I will write about tomorrow.

We have put a new mirror in the aviary and Vinnie our budgie loves it. Vinnie was found a few years ago exhausted on allotments near us. Unable to trace his owners the person who found him gave him to us to live in our aviary. He is such a cheerful little budgie, I can hear him chattering all around the garden. I wish his previous owners could see how happy he is.

The cockatiels are getting used to their new feeding station and wait each day to see what treat I am going to put in there. It’s getting quite a challenge to see what different treats I can find for them.

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