A New Home For The Guinea Pigs

We have had many rescue animals in The Aviary Garden over the years and we always try as hard as possible to give them the best life we can manage. We already had a few indoor guinea pig cages that we have used to keep our quail chicks in. Our two rescue guinea pigs Chip And Dale, who we got at the beginning of July, are living in one of these. They have already grown so much we decided their indoor cage should be bigger. After much searching online we decided new large cages were simply too expensive so set about trying to find a second hand option. We bought a perfect one on ebay from bobtailsrescue a charity based in Ewell who rescue and rehome unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs. It is 140cm x 70 cm, in perfect condition and it was only £25. Mind you when we arrived home with it I realised we are going to have to do some serious furniture moving to fit it in. Oh well at least the guinea pigs will be happy.

The New Guinea Pig Indoor Cage

The New Guinea Pig Indoor Cage

If you are a lover of rabbits and guinea pigs you will like Bobtails Rabbit And Guinea Pig Rescue.  There are lots of advice on care as well as information on rehoming.

The cockatiel chick looks really pleased to see me when I check him over each day. What a little sweetie.


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