Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail

Mexican Speckled Quail are a variation of the Bobwhite quail which are naturally found across the southern and eastern United States down to Mexico. The quail in the top of the photo is the female and the bottom the male.

Compatibility To Mixed Aviary Life. 

I have found these quail to be easy to keep and tame. They tend to ignore the flying birds in the aviary and live very happily in a colony. They also share with a group of Chinese Painted Quail who like to sleep under them on cold days! They like to roost high on branches at night. I like listening to their call but it can be quite loud and people a couple of roads away have asked me if we keep the whistling birds!

The Male Mexican Speckled Quail Call

Caring For Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail are easy to care for and are not fussy eaters. They need a sheltered area to get away from the cold and somewhere to roost at night. I use a thick layer of easybed animal bedding on the floor of the inside section of the aviary which we buy at our local farm. On very cold nights we switch on the heat lamp  that we use in the chick brooder to raise the temperature and the little inside room is kept nice and warm.

Keeping The Aviary Warm In Winter

Diet For Bobwhite Quail

I feed my bobwhite quail, cockatiel mix and layers crumble. They also enjoy scrambled egg and plenty of greens. I go to our local Co-op in the evening when they are reducing the bags of salad and give them to all our birds. There is much excitement when they see me walking up the garden carrying little plastic bags! If there is a shortage of salad they enjoy dandelion leaves. They also always need to have access to clean fresh water.

Breeding Mexican Speckled Bobwhite Quail