Recycled Items To Make A Little Wildlife Pond

I love sitting up at the end of The Aviary Garden. Whether its at the end of the day or early in the morning it is a little peaceful oasis where I sit and have a cup of tea and watch the birds. I have been trying to encourage as much wildlife as I can into the garden and as long as the all the birds are secure I love to watch the foxes sitting in the sun up there.

I have had an old jam pan I bought at an auction that I had intended to use to keep plants in but have decided I would make a small wildlife pond with it. I doubt it is big enough to entice frogs and toads but at least it is a water supply for passing mammals and birds. I have planted a mixed hawthorn and crab apple hedge, a butterfly bush and other bee friendly plants. I’m hoping it will pay off and all kinds of wildlife will visit.

Wildlife Pond From Old Jam Pan

Wildlife Pond From Old Jam Pan

In my quest to use as many recycled items in the garden as possible I have used another old jam pan purchased at the same auction to plant the lavender in. The wooden and metal chairs were bought at a charity sale for £5 each.

Old Wooden Garden Chairs

Old Wooden Garden Chairs

The stones we have put around the pond were all dug up in our garden. Our house was built in 1908 on what had been a very old farm. When I looked on an old map of the area exactly where our house was farm buildings had stood. Parts of the old walls of the farm buildings are still all around the garden. Whenever I dig up a piece I use it and display it. Comparing them to old walls on other local buildings I think they date back to the 18th century at least. Now that is recycling!



We hoped to sit up there after dark as it is so peaceful and have added some solar powered lanterns to the aviary. I think we may have to add a few more though to be able to see what we are doing!

The Aviary Garden At Night

The Aviary Garden At Night

I filmed this video in The Aviary Garden just as the sun was getting low and the birds were all having their final look around before they settle for the night.

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