Wildlife Garden Ideas And A New Bird Feeder

A few days ago I visited the ponds and Ecology Centre in Carshalton. We really enjoyed watching all the water birds as did a local fox who was hanging around the waters edge! It has given me lots of ideas for my wildlife garden. I just wish I had as much space as they have.

We had an old fence post in our garden left over from when we replaced part of our fence. I decided to make a bird feeding station from it and have added a hanging basket bracket to it to hang the bird feeder from. I think I’ll take a trip to Poundland soon and buy a few more brackets then we will have a new bird feeding station for virtually no cost.

Bird Feeding Station From A Fence Post

Bird Feeding Station From A Fence Post

I can’t believe how well the little chick is doing. He has feathers now and a tail. What a good job his parents are doing.


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