One Of My Favourite Cockatiels And Chick Update

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but Athos is one of them. Two years ago when the cockatiels had chicks in the aviary one of the budgies attacked one of the nest boxes killing the chicks and leaving just one alive with a badly injured leg. I brought him in and hand reared him. I felt so sad when I found the dead chicks, it upset me for weeks every time I thought of them. I was determined to try and keep this little chick alive. Now he is a healthy happy cockatiel living in the small aviary with his friends. He greets me so happily when ever I go to the end of the garden and although he has a bit of a twisted foot he manages very well.  I have added a video of how he survived.

I checked the little chick in the aviary today as his parents left him alone for a while. His eyes look nearly ready to open. I would say he is about seven days old. He has grown but I’m still very concerned he will not survive. He has a nice full crop though which is a good sign and I’m still keeping my finger crossed we may get there.


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