A Walk Around Carshalton Ponds

Dodging the showers today we went for a walk around our village ponds in Carshalton. Even if you live in a London Borough there is still wildlife to visit.

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One Of My Favourite Cockatiels And Chick Update

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but Athos is one of them. Two years ago when the cockatiels had chicks in the aviary one of the budgies attacked one of the nest boxes killing the chicks and leaving just one alive with a badly injured leg. I brought him in and hand reared him. I felt so sad when I found the dead chicks, it upset me for weeks every time I thought of them. I was determined to try and keep this little chick alive. Now he is a healthy happy cockatiel living in the small aviary with his friends. He greets me so happily when ever I go to the end of the garden and although he has a bit of a twisted foot he manages very well.  I have added a video of how he survived.

I checked the little chick in the aviary today as his parents left him alone for a while. His eyes look nearly ready to open. I would say he is about seven days old. He has grown but I’m still very concerned he will not survive. He has a nice full crop though which is a good sign and I’m still keeping my finger crossed we may get there.


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Chirpy The Blackbird Chick Practices His Flying

We have built a flight partitioned off in the chicken and duck run for Chirpy the rescue blackbird chick to practice his flying and become a bit more independent. We used recycled panels we had intended to get rid and it has made him a nice 9ft by 3ft area. He didn’t really look very impressed with all our hard work but it is early days.


He has only had limited flying practice before so I was happy with his progress. I think it is going to be a very difficult job for us to make him independent though. I’ll record his progress as he goes along.

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Gardening In The Rain

It has rained and rained for much of the day today. All the poor flowers are getting battered to bits in the wet. It also stopped any plans I had for working outside. So I thought I would work on an idea I had with an old enamel kettle I bought at a car boot sale recently. I’m always on the look out for items I can recycle into unusual garden planters and this seemed perfect. I added a little verbena I bought in my cheap B&Q finds and it has really brightened up an empty spot.

Recycled Kettle Made Into Garden Planter

Recycled Kettle Made Into Garden Planter

Yesterday, after looking at the video of the cockatiels trying out the new feeding station I decided maybe it was a little bit too slippery for them to land on. I added an old brick so they had something to stand on and put in their favourite treat of scrambled egg and they seemed to loose their fear straight away.

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A New Feeding Station And A Surprise In The Aviary

When I was in the night part of the aviary today I heard a tiny cheeping behind the quails house. When I looked behind a cockatiel had made a little nest and there was a tiny cockatiel chick about three days old. I’m very worried it is not in the best place at all but reluctant to move it in case it’s parents abandon it. I know from experience hand rearing chicks from this age is rarely successful so I think I better leave well alone and keep my finger crossed. I checked a few times throughout the rest of the day and mum or dad cockatiel was sitting firmly on the chick so hopefully things may work out.

Three Day Old Cockatiel Chick

Three Day Old Cockatiel Chick

The bird bath I bought to replace the one that broke a few months ago arrived today and I intend to use it for the most part as a feeding station. I set it up straight away and filled it with cress and spinach leaves which is one of their favourite treats but unfortunately they seemed scared of it. Hopefully they will get used to it in the next few days and at least the quail are enjoying the dropped leaves!

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Cleaning Up A Run For The Guinea Pigs

We had a really bad thunder storm last night with heavy rain that poured for hours. Today has been dark for a July day with drizzly rain which put paid to my plans for painting so I decided to sort out some old aviary and run panels.

Our two new rescue guinea pigs Chip and Dale, live in a large indoor cage in the kitchen but I want them to get outside in the nice weather in a secure run. We have an old run which has been behind the aviary for a couple of years that we used for young quail. I was quite disappointed when I got it out as it is a bit tatty after being kept under the trees but I intend to fix it up and paint it and make a nice little outdoor home for them.

The Run For The Guinea Pigs

The Run For The Guinea Pigs

Chip And Dale The Rescue Guinea Pigs

Chip And Dale The Rescue Guinea Pigs


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Healthy Natural Cockatiel Treats

I’m always trying to find new ways to keep the cockatiels entertained. Boredom buster types of food treats are always popular and I have found some very good ones on ebay. The seller castle3666 makes natural willow, peanut  and dried fruit treats which all my birds really like. The peanuts and fruit are eaten quite quickly and then they spend days gradually chewing at the willow. It makes a lovely change to find such natural treats.  I’m always keeping my eyes open for new items and will share my views once my cockatiels have tried them out.

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New Nest Boxes

Two new nest boxes arrived from ebay today. We are very late putting up our nest boxes this year but thought we would try them out in our young cockatiels aviary which has our two and three year olds in. Our Rosa Bourkes also live in here. I am pleased with the new nest boxes, they were very good value and I like the way the door opens at the front.

Cockatiel Nest Boxes Bought On Ebay

Cockatiel Nest Boxes Bought On Ebay

Although our youngsters are two or three I am not convinced our breeding ambitions are realistic. They seem very young and carefree, spending most of the day swinging on swings, chatting and singing. Here are our two boys Anzac and Athos having a little chat. I’m not sure if they are ready for parenthood!


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A Busy Day Of Cleaning Out

We have had a busy Sunday cleaning out the hens and ducks and generally tidying up. There is always so much to do but it’s worth all the hard work when they all seem so happy with our efforts.

We managed to fit in a trip to B&Q to get some wood stain for the garden benches and found some plants being cleared off for 50p or £1. With a little tidying up and care I’m sure they will make a colourful addition to the garden.

Cheap B&Q Plants

Cheap B&Q Plants

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A Warm July Afternoon

All is always quiet on a warm summer afternoon in the aviary garden. A feeling of calm spreads across the garden as all the birds rest. It is as if there is some sort of communication between the different aviaries and pens as they doze and sleep. I love this time of day to have a quiet cup of tea on the garden bench and relax too.

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