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A Walk Around Carshalton Ponds

Dodging the showers today we went for a walk around our village ponds in Carshalton. Even if you live in a London Borough there is still wildlife to visit.

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One Of My Favourite Cockatiels And Chick Update

I know I shouldn’t have favourites but Athos is one of them. Two years ago when the cockatiels had chicks in the aviary one of the budgies attacked one of the nest boxes killing the chicks and leaving just one … Continue reading

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Chirpy The Blackbird Chick Practices His Flying

We have built a flight partitioned off in the chicken and duck run for Chirpy the rescue blackbird chick to practice his flying and become a bit more independent. We used recycled panels we had intended to get rid and … Continue reading

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Gardening In The Rain

It has rained and rained for much of the day today. All the poor flowers are getting battered to bits in the wet. It also stopped any plans I had for working outside. So I thought I would work on … Continue reading

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A New Feeding Station And A Surprise In The Aviary

When I was in the night part of the aviary today I heard a tiny cheeping behind the quails house. When I looked behind a cockatiel had made a little nest and there was a tiny cockatiel chick about three … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up A Run For The Guinea Pigs

We had a really bad thunder storm last night with heavy rain that poured for hours. Today has been dark for a July day with drizzly rain which put paid to my plans for painting so I decided to sort … Continue reading

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Healthy Natural Cockatiel Treats

I’m always trying to find new ways to keep the cockatiels entertained. Boredom buster types of food treats are always popular and I have found some very good ones on ebay. The seller castle3666 makes natural willow, peanut  and dried fruit treats … Continue reading


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New Nest Boxes

Two new nest boxes arrived from ebay today. We are very late putting up our nest boxes this year but thought we would try them out in our young cockatiels aviary which has our two and three year olds in. … Continue reading

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A Busy Day Of Cleaning Out

We have had a busy Sunday cleaning out the hens and ducks and generally tidying up. There is always so much to do but it’s worth all the hard work when they all seem so happy with our efforts. We … Continue reading

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A Warm July Afternoon

All is always quiet on a warm summer afternoon in the aviary garden. A feeling of calm spreads across the garden as all the birds rest. It is as if there is some sort of communication between the different aviaries … Continue reading

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