Foxes Feeding In The Garden

Anyone who lives in a big city will be used to the sight of urban foxes. In London alone there are thought to be over 10,000 living around our streets. As a late evening dog walker of 30 years in the area, I have noticed a change in their behaviour. Years ago a fox would run at the sight of me walking along with a dog, but latterly I have noticed that although some are timid, many now just move a short distance away on the grass verge while I walk past. Our border collie tends to ignore them but I’m afraid our little Yorkshire Terrier has to be dragged past barking. It’s almost as if they know she is on the lead though and can’t reach them, as they stare back with contempt!

The most we have seen in our garden at one time is five and I have regularly counted seven or eight sitting along the row of sheds at the back fences. Many of our neighbours, as we do feed the foxes and they all look very healthy indeed. People have said to me, I shouldn’t encourage them because of our hens, but they are there all the time and I’d rather they were in our garden with a full stomach than hungry! We just make sure our birds are secure. If there is an accident any time I will blame myself not the foxes. I think they are beautiful creatures.

A London Vixen Sitting On Our Garden Shed

A London Vixen Sitting On Our Garden Shed

Recently my family bought me a wildlife trail camera and I have managed to capture some footage of a couple of foxes in our garden. They seem to have cubs every year so I’m hoping I may be able to film some of them later in the year.

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