House Sparrows In London

Sadly House Sparrows have declined by 60% in London and many other cities in the United Kingdom since 2004. I remember them in very large numbers on the bird feeders when I was younger but in our London borough I have hardly seen any for years. This year in early spring, a pair started visiting our bird feeder. I would look out for them as they came backwards and forwards. If one arrived on it’s own it would sit on the top of our hedge and call loudly until it’s mate appeared. They were clearly feeding chicks and we waited hopefully for the signs of any youngsters. Gradually over the summer several youngsters arrived and we think they must have raised two clutches as now we have 10 to 15 house sparrows visiting every couple of hours.

They sit in the hedge waiting their turn to go on the feeder and we can hear their chatter all day long. This winter we are going to set up some nesting boxes in the hope they will nest again in the spring. They may cost nearly as much to feed as the aviary birds but we still are very happy to have them in our garden.

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