Molly The Pekin Bantam

We have four Pekin Bantams and I love keeping them. They are friendly, very tame and have a really sweet way about them. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to keep hens but are a bit short of space. Their housing is smaller and they don’t eat very much. They have cute feathered legs and enjoy being handled. The only downside I can think of is they often go broody but then that can be a plus point if you want them to hatch some eggs and those cute legs can get quite mucky in bad weather. They can be as noisy as full size hens though and Molly our Pekin Bantam often announces for a  full five minutes to the neighbourhood that she has laid an egg and yet we have one little Bantam called Honey that I have never heard utter a single sound! They have completely won me over though and now I cannot imagine a time I wouldn’t keep them.

It has been a warm day today and although this evening had the threat of rain as we walked the dogs it never happened and it was a beautiful end to the day.

An Evening Rainbow

An Evening Rainbow

We’re making the most of these summer evenings as they disappear very quickly and all we will have is our memories of these days until next year.

A Summer Evening In Stanley Park Carshalton

A Summer Evening In Stanley Park Carshalton

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