A Bee And Butterfly Friendly Hanging Basket

I have hanging baskets all around the garden. In the front garden I love a splash of pretty colours all year round. In the back garden I have been experimenting with some longer lasting ones with more bee and butterfly friendly plants. We have lots of natural more wildflower type plants all around the back garden and I thought I would try some of these in a hanging basket which will hopefully flourish next year.

I have added a clump of valerian, one of my favourite plants, that has pretty pink flowers from spring well into the summer with a sweet smell. Valerian has been used as a medicinal herb for hundreds of years and bees and butterflies love it. The second plant I have added is Herb Robert, a native member of the geranium family which flowers from spring to autumn. The leaves if rubbed on the body are said to repel mosquitoes but after trying it myself I think it may repel everybody else also!  Finally I have added Oxalis or pink shamrock which flowers from about June to September and has a lovely way of closing its flowers when it gets dark.

It all looks a bit tatty at the moment as I have divided clumps around the garden but hopefully by next spring they will be established and flower all summer attracting more bees and butterflies than the ordinary annuals sold for hanging baskets.

Valerian, Pink Shamrock And Herb Robert Hanging Basket

Valerian, Pink Shamrock And Herb Robert Hanging Basket

I have decided that Speckles one of our young cockatiels in the aviary is just too naughty. At every opportunity he has to push in front of the camera and his little character just shines out. He is the bird equivalent of a person who likes to be in the spotlight. Diego the Diamond Dove is enjoying a swing in the aviary until Speckles photobombs the video.

I’m worried about the little cockatiel chick. He is at the age where his parents leave him alone for much of the day. Normally he would snuggle up with his siblings but as he is all on his own and on the floor he wanders about getting himself into trouble. I keep lifting him back into the corner but the adventuring spirit returns and off he goes again . I will be so relieved when he gets to the age when he can fly up with his parents. I think he will get a surprise as to how many cockatiels live in the outside section of the aviary.

The Cockatiel Chick 3 1/2 Weeks Old

The Cockatiel Chick 3 1/2 Weeks Old

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