Speckles The Cockatiel Is Feeling Left Out

I have noticed in our cockatiel group in the aviary there are many different personalities. There are the loners who seem quite happy playing with toys and keeping to themselves, there are the bonded pairs who stay together all day and no matter what happens end up back together on the perch, there are the confident ones who happily mix with most members of the group and there are the shy ones who would love to be in a bonded pair but can’t quite meet their partner. It makes me feel quite sad sometimes and although all the cockatiels have a happy, full life in the aviary, anyone who has ever felt left out will feel sorry for Speckles the cockatiel in this video.

Maybe the new cockatiel chick, who is doing very well, may be a friend for him.

The Cockatiel Chick

The Cockatiel Chick

There was a sad end to the day today in The Aviary Garden when we found the poor young wood pigeon had died. I thought he seemed quite bright today with the sun shining on him. Although he kept leaning sideways I saw him walking up and down the run earlier on and had been eating. Poor young wood pigeon not long out of the nest and never going to fly with his crew. Nature can be very harsh sometimes.

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