A Few Sunny Days In The Aviary Garden

After all the torrential rain we have had lately we have had two nice sunny days in the aviary garden. It has been nice and warm but with a pleasant breeze. Perfect days for people, animals and birds to enjoy!

The little cockatiel chick is still thriving and is around two weeks old now. I’m starting to dare to think of names now.

Two Week Old Cockatiel Chick

Two Week Old Cockatiel Chick

I went to visit my Mum and Dad today and spent a happy afternoon watching the birds on their garden feeder. I think a love of birds runs in the family. This little robin has young in the hedge next to the window and is busy backwards and forwards with food all the time.

A Robin On The Bird Feeder

A Robin On The Bird Feeder

When I was about to leave we found a young injured wood pigeon lying at the side of the road. Although there are no obvious injuries it seemed stunned and unable to fly or walk. I couldn’t leave it there as easy picking for every passing cat or fox so I decided to take it home with me. Here it is travelling home in style courtesy of Southern Rail.

Young Injured Wood Pigeon

Young Injured Wood Pigeon

It has settled in tonight and has eaten some food but it seems very unbalanced and I am not that hopeful of a recovery. At least it has a chance now.

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