Gardening In The Rain

It has rained and rained for much of the day today. All the poor flowers are getting battered to bits in the wet. It also stopped any plans I had for working outside. So I thought I would work on an idea I had with an old enamel kettle I bought at a car boot sale recently. I’m always on the look out for items I can recycle into unusual garden planters and this seemed perfect. I added a little verbena I bought in my cheap B&Q finds and it has really brightened up an empty spot.

Recycled Kettle Made Into Garden Planter

Recycled Kettle Made Into Garden Planter

Yesterday, after looking at the video of the cockatiels trying out the new feeding station I decided maybe it was a little bit too slippery for them to land on. I added an old brick so they had something to stand on and put in their favourite treat of scrambled egg and they seemed to loose their fear straight away.

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