A New Feeding Station And A Surprise In The Aviary

When I was in the night part of the aviary today I heard a tiny cheeping behind the quails house. When I looked behind a cockatiel had made a little nest and there was a tiny cockatiel chick about three days old. I’m very worried it is not in the best place at all but reluctant to move it in case it’s parents abandon it. I know from experience hand rearing chicks from this age is rarely successful so I think I better leave well alone and keep my finger crossed. I checked a few times throughout the rest of the day and mum or dad cockatiel was sitting firmly on the chick so hopefully things may work out.

Three Day Old Cockatiel Chick

Three Day Old Cockatiel Chick

The bird bath I bought to replace the one that broke a few months ago arrived today and I intend to use it for the most part as a feeding station. I set it up straight away and filled it with cress and spinach leaves which is one of their favourite treats but unfortunately they seemed scared of it. Hopefully they will get used to it in the next few days and at least the quail are enjoying the dropped leaves!

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